For Skilled Nursing Facilities

Showcase your facility with a free Basic Page

Your free Basic Page on Eldon Care Tool provides clear and accurate information about your facility by providing the content on the Eldon Care Tool.

Connect and get results

Eldon Care Tool provides better ways to connect with patients. Patients can leave contact information on your facility page, and your admissions can respond to them directly. 

Enhance patient experience

Connect with patients by leveraging available technology via videos tours, video calls and/or 3D virtual tours. When you make it easy to welcome patients, you can focus on care.


1. Review your facility page

Chances are Eldon Care Tool has a page for your facility already. Review your facility page and make sure that each information is accurate. If you cannot find your facility, contact us right away!

2. Update your facility details

Updating details about your facility helps you tell the best story about your facility. You can provide details, photos, services & amenities offered, and insurances accepted. Show what makes your facility unique, and give patients reasons to choose you every time.

3. Verify your facility update

We protect your facility details from unauthorized changes by verifying it. We verify your listing  by having one of our team members connect with you via phone, video call, and/ or email. All facilities must provide a contact information.